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PRomoting Om Launches, Offers Conscious, Targeted Marketing


New service connects conscious brands with 75,000+ yoga teachers, yoga students, yoga studios, and more

PRomoting Om is launching, and the all-new marketing service offers brands and advertisers a customized tool gauged to fit a trending, growing niche.

blog-chitraAccording to PRomoting Om founders Chitra Sukhu and Frank Schenker, the idea for PRomoting Om evolved over a series of “chai sessions”. The two would meet for chai and discuss changing consumer trends. Consumers are shifting towards local organic product, eco-friendly materials, and calls for alternative sources of energy, communities are working together on “Save Our Planet” initiatives, and spiritual teachers and leaders provide a beacon of guidance for raising consciousness.

“We found ourselves looking for companies that were ‘conscious’ when buying anything. We know what sells, calls for more to be produced. We wanted to make sure the demand was calling for more ‘conscious’ companies to come into existence. Our consciousness is rising day by day. We wanted to be a part of this wave. PRomoting Om was born,” said the company’s founders.

Thus far, PRomoting Om has a mailing list with more than 75,000 subscribers, including yoga teachers, students, studios, and spiritually minded individuals. This gives brands an edge when it comes to promoting their product, message, yoga retreat, festival, blog, or other event, service, or product. “Our mission is to uplift the consciousness, the vibration, the vision, and humanity as a whole through promoting high vibrational brands, products, teachers, and businesses to the masses,” said the team at PRomoting Om.

By connecting businesses and individuals that are making a positive impact through their teachings, creations, and presence, PRomoting Om aims to leave a lasting impact on the world. The company also hopes to help consumers make better decisions by helping them recognize the value of inclusiveness, community, and positivity.

PRomoting Om offers customized marketing plans that start at $199 for e-mail blasts.

In a time when more and more consumers are turning to grassroots products and services, PRomoting Om is developing a one-of-a-kind marketing solution that helps companies advertise their products and services right where their audiences are looking. PRomoting Om is excited to be a part of an evolving marketplace of consumers and businesses and looks forward to continuing to offer services through 2016 and beyond.


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  • This is a wonderful idea. Keep me informed about your work!

    March 20, 2016

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