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When you are down and out move up and inward…

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This universe leads you further within as you struggle with outward resistance, every step drawing you in as you try to find your way through. Deeper and deeper you go your sight growing dimmer as night falls. You must rest now and recuperate from life’s last lesson. Give yourself the strength to move up and inward, to find the jewel in the rough so that you may conquer this realm and be through with this level of being. Your being is so much bigger than this tiny body you find yourself in…Many longings may plague you as you look around this world of individuals seeming to find one another; having the ability to merge hearts as love is found. Why does this elude you? You know your heart is scarred… fragmented into pieces as it struggles to heal itself, every line, and every piece able to tell a tale.
Why do you call these experiences into being?
Have you learned what you needed to learn?
Can you now choose love like so many others around you?
Do others truly love or is it just a play of their mind?


AUTHOR: Chitra Sukhu
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