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5 Top Yoga Marketing Tips


Marketing is an essential part of business. If you want to increase your number of clients and make your business more successful, there are different marketing strategies you can implement. Let’s look at some of the top ways you can market your yoga business.

1) Network with your local community

For most yoga businesses, the majority of their clients come from the local community. In order to connect with prospects in your locality, you should get involved in local activities that can help you to engage with the right type of people. This can include attending workshops and events as well as hosting them to engage and interact with the community in your neighborhood.

You can also take advantage of your social circles to get the ball rolling with promoting your business.

Start a meetup group – www.meetup.com people love to meet socially. You can have a topic for the group or just meet at the local juice bar/café for an hour of conversation with “like” minded people.

2) Use online marketing

In today’s era of the internet, going online to promote your business is a smart way to save money and reach a lot of people more quickly. There are a large number of cost-effective ways you can promote your business online including SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and so forth.

A large portion of the population is already using the internet and each year the number is increasing. People are using the internet to access information. For example, if your business uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank on search engines, people searching for information, companies or services similar to what you’re offering will find you.

You also want to stay competitive. With a large number of businesses already adopting digital marketing, your marketing strategy should include at least a few online marketing techniques, so as to make sure that you’re not left behind.

Begin with creating an online presence such as by having a website created for you, and setting up social media marketing accounts and pages. Then be strategic and promote your business in an ongoing basis. You can scale by gradually adopting more techniques.

Use PRomoting OM – www.promotingom.com – a new online marketing company that will eblast your newsletter to over 75,000 “like minded” people and share your services, product, brand etc. on their website and social media pages.

3) Keep your clients satisfied

Make a point of ensuring that your yoga clients and students are happy with the service that you provide. Your first impression has a big impact on the ongoing success of your business. But you also want to always try to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. When your clients feel taken care of, they are more likely to send you referrals and promote you through word of mouth.

4) Market ethically and mindfully

Your business image or brand perception is one of the keys for effective marketing of your business. If you’re not careful how you market your business, you could develop a bad reputation, which is not easy to repair. Avoid false promises, spamming at all costs and stick to providing value.

5) Add social media marketing to the mix

Growth of social media usage is growing in an upward trajectory. Every day more and more people are joining the social media bandwagon and businesses are following suite.

People use social media to interact and connect with their social circles and just to get entertainment. You can join one of the top social media sites and begin interacting with existing clients. Doing so can help you build relationships and get recognition. You’ll also be able to build your brand and get your business more exposure as your content gets shared by your followers.

AUTHOR: Chitra Sukhu
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