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6 Key Benefits of Email Marketing


6 Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Marketing gurus have long been touting the benefits of email marketing, and how it can help grow your business.

Email marketing is, in essence, where you get your prospects, visitors, or existing contacts to subscribe to your email newsletter, and let them keep in touch with updates about your services and other helpful information from you.

One big benefit of doing so is, it helps you to keep in contact and build relationship with clients. Let’s look at five more of the biggest advantages that email marketing has.


  1. Develop loyalty and relationships

Email marketing allows you to build a community and nurture relationships with existing as well as prospective students or clients. You can communicate with your email subscribers in an ongoing basis. You do this by providing value while at the same time promoting your business.

Many email marketers promote their services and products in their email campaigns, and include other materials helpful to their subscribers. It’s always essential to keep the right balance of value and self-promotion for the effectiveness of your campaigns.


  1. Costs less

With the rising cost of traditional advertising such as TV ads, newspapers and print marketing, companies are increasingly using technology to effectively deliver their messages and reach their prospective customers without breaking the bank.

It doesn’t cost a lot to start and run an email marketing campaign. There are no papers to print out, no postage costs; all you need is an email marketing program from an email service provider.

Most email marketing services cost less than $20 per month (although that rate increases with the number of your subscribers). Some providers also offer free trials so you can get started for free.

On top of that, email also brings better return on every dollar spent as compared with many traditional marketing mediums.


  1. Repeat business

One of the biggest challenges of a lot of yoga studios and teachers is keeping clients coming back for more.

By getting your students to subscribe to your mailing list, you can stay in touch with them, offer them valuable advices, and keep them in the know of updates about your classes; which in turn helps you to get more clients to come back for more.


  1. Easy to setup

Most email marketing programs offer features and tools that are easy to setup and start using, without much technical skills or marketing know how.

The only thing that could be confusing for beginners is the initial part of the process, which includes setting up subscribe boxes, creating autoresponder emails, putting up landing pages and so on. After that, you’ll only be required to do little maintenance. For example, the ‘Autoresponder’ feature lets you pre-load a series of autoresponder messages to be sent on certain day intervals. Saving you time and helping you automate the process.

In addition, email is also a convenient medium for subscribers, as they can read or view, and respond to your emails at their convenience.


  1. Easy to track

Unlike traditional marketing, email marketing allows you measure various types of metrics. You can look at your number of subscribers, number of clicks, number of visitor to a page, and so on. As a result of this, you can easily see the outcome of your email marketing campaigns, and tweak or make changes as necessary.


  1. Reach

There’s no limit to the number of people you can send emails to. There also are advertising opportunities where you can place ads on other people’s lists with large email lists, helping you to get instant exposure.

On top of that, it only takes a few minutes to send an email, which makes it easy to send as many emails as you want to.

AUTHOR: Chitra Sukhu
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