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PRomoting OM’s 4 Step PRocess

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Chitra Sukhu and Frank Schenker, founders of PRomoting OM, have extensive backgrounds in yoga and marketing.

Over this span of time they’ve accumulated a list of 75,000+ yoga teachers, yoga studios, and students of yoga, meditation, Vedanta, Tantra, Ayurveda, metaphysics and new age music. The list is up to date and growing every month. All emails are active and targeted to spiritually minded individuals.

They’ve now decided to help promote others of like mind, with the objective of helping to raise the consciousness of the world.

If you’re a Teacher, of any spiritual tradition, that has a

  • Message
  • Product
  • Teachers training
  • Yoga retreat
  • “Conscious” business
  • Blog
  • Website

And you’d like to promote and get the word out to 75,000+ people of like mind this is for you.

Through an email campaign targeted at the people you want to reach, you can effectively get your message out. This is a simple yet effective way to grow your brand, or business.

Our process is simple:



  1. Please contact us about your project, so that we can better serve you.
  2. If you already have a clear idea of which plan suits you, choose your plan and pay. For custom plans we’ll send a custom offer for you to pay online.
  3. Once paid. Please fill out the questionnaire.
  4. We’ll work together to schedule the dates of your email blast/s, social media mentions and any other services included in your package.




  1. You’ll provide us with all the content and pictures for the email blasts.
    You have the choice to provide the completed ad or we’ll build it for you.
  2. Provide content for social media mentions.
  3. If you’ve ordered the package that includes the blog, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out.
  4. If your package includes a banner ad please provide us with a completed banner for our site.

We will do our best to come up with a visually pleasing Ad and well-written blog post for your business, product or service.



3. E-MAIL BLAST TO 75,000+

  1. Your email blast will be sent out to 75,000+ yogi’s/yogini’s.
  2. Your message/product/brand/etc. will be posted to social media sites as scheduled.
  3. Your link will be placed on our site.
  4. Your blog will be posted and shared on social media sites.
  5. Your banner ad placed on our site.




  1. Share campaign with others through your social media presence.
  2. Share your advertorial blog on your site and social media channels.
  3. Write testimonial about experience, which will live on our site with link.
AUTHOR: Chitra Sukhu
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