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Kimberly Haynes “Awaken Me”

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“If this album isn’t a massive global hit, there is no justice in the music business anymore, this is an album that everyone should have.”  ~ Steve Sheppard, One World Music UK

Singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes debut album,  “Awaken Me,”  became available on August 19, 2016. Fans who pre-ordered received an exclusive digital download from the album, as well as access to Kimberly’s newsletter.

Awaken Me delivers 11 New Age devotional-style songs from Kimberly, whose pure, powerful and passionate voice invites the listener into transcendent states of consciousness.

According to Michael Diamond at Music and Media Focus:
“Among the things I’m impressed by with this album is its range. Not only in the wide variety of styles, influences, and instruments, but in the range of Kimberly’s voice. Whether it is soft and sweet like a lover’s words in your ear, or rocking it with power and passion, there is an authenticity in Kimberly’s singing that makes you feel that this is someone who has experienced the highs and lows of life and uses them all to deliver her songs with heart and soul.”

David Vito Gregoli, producer/co-producer and multi-instrumentalist, was at the helm with Kimberly in the production of Awaken Me.  David Vito Gregoli plays many instruments on this album – including acoustic and electric guitars, South American charango, bass, mandolin, sitar, banjo, piano, synthesizer, udu, drums, percussion, bells, Native American and world flutes, Gopichand and kalimba.  Kimberly provides both lead and backing vocals on the album’s eleven compositions – drawing much of her singing inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, and Sarah McLachlan. The album includes an impressive line-up of contributing artists includes 11 time Grammy nominee pianist Peter Kater, acclaimed vocalists Tina Malia and Aeone, Native American flautists Al Jewer & Gareth Laffely, accordionist Andy Mitran and percussionists Byron Metcalf and Christo Pellani, among a handful of others – who additionally lend instruments such as violin, tabla, dulcimer, didjeridu and hang-drum. Together, the musicians collaborated to create a devotional album offering facets of folk, acoustic pop, world and Americana styles.

Kimberly has been featured on some of the genre’s best 2015/2016 releases including Tina Malia “Road to Vallabha” , Al Jewer and Andy Mitran “Transmigration”, David Vito Gregoli “Om Land”.  Kimberly has performed at some of most popular consciousness festivals (ShaktiFest and BhaktiFest) and a variety of popular venues around Southern California.

Her voice echoes a rich, eclectic style she has cultivated over her life and years of studying sacred music from around the globe.  In her words, “Having risen from my own ashes multiple times, it is my mission to carry music of the heart into the world. My life and my music are richer and deeper for the challenges I have overcome, and my songs are a reflection of my personal journey from brokenness to wholeness.”

Awaken Me offers titles including “The Pathless Path”, “My Heart Knows the Way”, “LIght of My Soul”, and “Do I Dare”.



“Kimberly Haynes … stunning soprano voice floats over a background of gentle world-fusion instrumentation. This is universal easy-to-relate-to new age music with broad appeal to listeners who enjoy new age vocals, world-fusion sounds or folk-pop sensibilities.” ~ 5 Star Amazon review

““I have seen over the last few months’ devotional albums, releases guided by spirit, albums moved by a need to be whole again and not separated from our universal origins. Kimberly Haynes continues that theme with beauty and grace firmly by her side. Also by her side is producer and musical genius David Vito Gregoli, when his hands touch a release, it’s bound to be a magical outcome…Kimberly Haynes has made something here that is truly wonderful in all aspects of its creation, one can create a beautiful album, but it’s even more special when that creation is born from the passion of a heart felt truth… if this album isn’t a massive global hit, there is no justice in the music business anymore, this is an album that everyone should have.”  ~ Steve Sheppard, One World Music UK

“Haynes’ gentle, soothing, wistful, and haunting voice reaches resplendent passions…At every point, sincerity rings through, and the two constituents, the vocal and instrumental elements, serve as bolsters to each other in the subtlest but most suffused of ways…not only are her deliveries satiny and mellifluous but this woman boasts excellent compositional skills as well.” ~ Veritus Vampirus – The Rude-imentary Truth


Now, fans can get their copy of Awaken Me as a CD or digital download via various online sites, including CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, and others.

AUTHOR: Chitra Sukhu
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