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  • 3 Email blast to 75,000+ yogis/yoginis
  • 3 Social Media Mentions
  • 1 Blog (informational) posted on multiple blogs
  • 3 month website link


Now you’re in the game…

This is a great way to start a product, teachers training or a retreat campaign. As we know a customer does not usually respond to advertising until they see it multiple times.

  • We will create three beautiful newsletters that will be sent out, as you like, getting your message in front of 75,000+ like-minded individuals who will love what you’re doing.
  • We will write a blog highlighting you or your product (advertorial) that will be posted to multiple blogs. You’re also free to post this article on your blog and other places on the web.
  • We will share your article/blog to our social media sites; this will be shared three times over a scheduled period.
  • We will post your logo on our site (client section) with a link to your website/page for three months.