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  • 7 Email blast to 75,000+ yogis/yoginis
  • 7 Social media mentions
  • 2 Blog (informational) posted on multiple blogs
  • 6 month website link


Now you’re making a SPLASH!

With this plan, you can’t lose. You’ll be getting your product/message out to a targeted group of “conscious” minded individuals who will love what you’re doing, multiple times!


This plan is great for someone who has more than one thing to promote. With seven email blasts and two blog posts we have a lot of flexibility. We will create a clever way to get your message out.


You can also use your email blasts whenever you want, they don’t expire. So you can purchase more than needed (saving a lot) and use when needed.


  • We will create seven beautiful newsletters that will be sent out, as you like, getting your message in front of 75,000+ like-minded individuals who will love what you’re doing.
  • We will write two blog posts highlighting you or your product (advertorial) that will be posted to multiple blogs. You’re also free to post these articles on your blog and other places on the web.
  • We will share your article/blog to our social media sites; this will be shared seven times over a scheduled period.
  • We will post your logo on our site (client section) with a link to your website/page for six months.