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Chitra Sukhu

chitra1Some people live their Life for a Cause. And Chitra Sukhu is one such Lady.  She has committed her Life in diligent Service to enhance the Lives of so many Others. Her Cause is, “To Enrich, Empower, and Enlighten (E3) through Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Meditation.” Her Purpose is, “To raise the Consciousness of the World, so that All may live Happier, Healthier Lives together as a Whole.” PRomoting OM is an extension of this cause; promoting others who have something positive and uplifting to offer will help raise the consciousness of the world.


Chitra was born in Guyana to a Family of Indian ancestry.  Although raised mostly in the United States, She also grew up in the many Sivananda Ashrams scattered around the world. Chitra’s parents, Yogi Hari and Leela Mata, joined the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization when She was three years old. And since the tender age of three, Chitra has practiced Yoga and Meditation daily. Such immersion in this Classical Culture, Discipline, and Celebration of Life has given Her a rather rare orientation for someone in the Western World. Reflecting Inner Wisdom She says, “Even though I come from the Sivananda lineage and respect all Teachers, I don’t claim any Guru. My Guru has been Life – and through Life I have learned My greatest Lessons.”


Chitra is an experienced Yoga teacher, registered with The Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level. She has a Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from Kerala Ayurveda. She is also an accomplished Indian classical dancer in the ancient style of Bharata Natyam.


Chitra teaches and leads many Retreats around the world for adults and children. She has “birthed” the organization, New Age Kids Inc. — a sincere effort to generate well-balanced individuals with a Sense of Self, from an early age. She has twelve Guided-Meditation CD’s and six CD’s where she sings Vedic slokas and Mantras. Some of her CDs have become part of the Curriculum at schools. They have proven to reduce stress and confusion for Children, propagating healthy lifestyle, creativity, happiness and success. She has authored two books an acclaimed Children’s book, “Elven Rhyme – Journey through Time” and “The Way of the Child: Meditation for Children – A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers”. Chitra is now a published Playwright with Her play “To My Amazement”, garnering praise from recent performances in Canada. Chitra was the first to create the Youth Yoga Teachers Training Course (YYTTC) for Youth ages 16-21, Herein, young people can come together to learn more about Higher Consciousness and the Journey of the Self, while becoming Certified Yoga Teachers.


When She is not traveling, She resides in Los Angeles. She has two children an 18-year-old daughter and 21 yr. old son.

Frank Schenker, Co-Owner
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