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Frank Schenker

Frank M. Schenker aka Frank von Wunderbar is a serial business entrepreneur originally from Germany, now transformed into a planetary citizen- with a hat on…


2015-08 Mary AusschnittHis interest into enlightenment started early when he emerged from behind the iron curtain into the spotlight of western abundance. He then went on his quest to find the Spirit.

His passion for uplifting music –although not playing any instrument besides the triangle- let him start a music distribution company which became the largest specialized distribution of News Age and World Music – back then.

A record company quickly followed with just unique music from wunderbar artists from round the world, with el-Hadra by Klaus Wiese became a long seller in the yoga community till today. With the rise of the internet Frank became a specialist in promoting his artists on all platforms. He is still on MySpace but focusses today on Facebook.

More and more artist, book authors and filmmakers asked for his support which led to WunderbarMedia as an agency offering his insights to clients in Europe as well as in the US.


His passion is achieving the best results for his clients – even on a budget.


The mantra he is providing all his clients is

You need to be seen 7-8 times before you are even noticed


The list of his Heros includes Peter Gabriel, Lisa Gerrad and Laurie Anderson as well as Osho.

He doesn’t own a TV but loves to go to the movies .Having published a book (in German) about Spirit Cinema with 300+ reviews of conscious movies, his all-time favorite movie is The Fountain, which he watches at least once every year (the soundtrack by the Kronos Quartet is phenomenal also).
You may meet him at a conference or a trade show – he is attending almost every weekend somewhere on this planet. Therefore no pets, no kids …

Or leave a message on his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aquariusmusic

Chitra Sukhu, Co-Owner
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