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Why We Do It

To help uplift the consciousness, the vibration, the vision, and humanity as a whole. PRomoting OM will only promote high vibrational brands, products, teachers, and businesses to you.


For too long we’ve been sold the vision of a “happy” life through brands that are wrecking our planet, that are just about profit at any cost. These products are being consumed by many because they are easily accessible and through expensive marketing campaigns, promise us our chance at “happiness.” Couple this with the fact that most people don’t spend the time to educate themselves on what is good for them and the planet, leaving this to our federal Agencies and Corporations to tell us what is “good,” and we have a planet in need of healing on all levels…


So here we are, our planet in crisis, our emotional and mental state being handled by doctors who love to prescribe drugs for everything, and our soul hungering for meaning. What to do? We figured that if we could find a way to get “conscious” brands, , sustainable products, and any and all leaders/teachers with a positive message to the masses, we could start to raise the level of awareness on this planet thus leading to a better place for us all to live, form community and share our light. This is the world I want to live in. How about you?


We create the world we live in through our choices; Let’s make “conscious” choices.